Introducing a radical new way to invest in JSE stocks. I'm calling it...

Operation: 'Slipstream'

It's an investor's dream-come-true: Small cap-sized gains from large cap stocks. Discover how 'slipstream signals' could make you 'bonus returns' like 60.40%, 53.85% and 22.73%... From the biggest stocks on the JSE!


Dear Reader,

12.03am, New Year’s Day 2015, Johannesburg...

Two friends enjoy the fireworks over the City.

They're drinking beer and talking investing.

Both own stocks - but prefer big companies rather than risky small caps.

Their portfolios are almost identical. Household names, with a few large cap miners and retail companies. And both look at their stock holdings as ‘keepers’. Long-term wealth-builders to either cash out of in retirement or pass onto their kids.

When it comes to investing, they are very much alike.

Fast-forward six months...

At a braai, they compare notes on the year so far.

The first investor has had a pretty good one, thanks to the market rally. But the smile is wiped off his face when he learns his friend has done better... much better... FROM THE SAME STOCKS!

A scribble on a serviette shows the second investor's almost identical stock portfolio has more than doubled his friends' performance.

What made the difference?

Read on and I'll show you...

How you could more than DOUBLE
your large cap stock returns

‘Legacy stocks’ are those you believe in - income generators and slow-growers you want to own forever.

And there's no harm in holding onto good blue chip shares...

But there's no harm in maximising the returns they give you, either.

Just think for a second...

What if you could double your overall returns from large-cap stocks?

Today I'm going to show you how you could do exactly that.

In this letter you'll learn how to profit from my STORM Trading system using what I call 'slipstream' moves in JSE stocks: creating small cap-sized returns from large-caps.

Here are just some of the 'slipstream' moves in large cap stocks I've identified so far in the last 3 months alone:



SAB Miller

Remember: these gains aren't from small cap growth stocks.

Each return was followed by one simple 'slipstream' signal in the price chart of a large, JSE-listed company.

If you'd got advance warning of these signals via email and SMS, you could have bought the stock seconds after receiving the notification. Then you could've moved into the 'wake' generated by the buying surge.

These returns could be made simply by buying and then - a few weeks later - selling stock in South Africa’s largest and most stable companies.

Nothing like this, to my knowledge, has been tried before - anywhere in South Africa.

Let me explain how it works, by way of a quick analogy...

Place yourself in the 'Profit Pocket'

If you watched the 94.7 Cycle Challenge in November, you'll have seen how important tactics are in a cycling race.

What many casual observers may not realise is that your position in the field greatly determines your overall results.

The reason is simple.

Where you ride in the pack directly affects how hard you have to work.

Studies show that if you ride behind the racer in front of you, you will end up working 30% less hard for the same results. The rider in front of you encounters all the wind. He must plough through it. But if you get into his 'slipstream' you avoid the wind.

Maximising your returns from large cap stocks is based on this same principle.

See, most investors don't actively pursue big gains from large caps - because they don't expect to make them.

Institutional investors can't just trade in and out of large cap stocks willy nilly. They have to operate within the confines of the styles prescribed by their employers.

The result?

No one really looks to JSE stocks for consistent and quick profits.

That's a mistake. Because,

Holding large cap stocks DOESN'T mean you have to be
content with average returns

My name is Timon Rossolimos. You may know me as the editor of Trading Tips, author of 9 best selling books, speaker at events and an exceptional trader of 11 years. 

At Fleet Street Publications, Invest division, it’s my job to issue tips for stocks ready to make big moves in the markets and my aim is simple: to give you profitable investment intelligence the mainstream media either ignores or overlooks.

How do I do it?

By capitalising on years of experience ‘in the trenches’ as a professional trader, analyst and researcher. My goal is to use my knowledge and experience to outsmart and out-perform the competition.

Over the last twelve months I've undertaken my most ambitious project to date...

For most of last year, I've built, improved and tested a trading platform that shows - conclusively - that it IS possible to see 60.40%, 53.85% and 22.73% gains from the largest capitalised stocks on the market.

Imagine if these kinds of gains hit your bank account regularly, without you having to 'bet the farm' on risky small caps or options?

We've found if you can identify imminent 'slipstream' price moves in big name stocks, you can nip in and out, banking regular gains - without losing ground on your long position.


Well, just think for a second what a price is. Simply put, the price of a stock is the result of the intense struggle between buyers and sellers. Buyers push prices higher. Sellers pull it lower.

You can watch this struggle unfold in real-time - and even anticipate a winner - with charts and technical analysis.

I'm talking about resistance and support levels... Chart patterns and trend indicators... Oscillators and moving averages...

To the casual observer, these terms are meaningless.

To the experienced technician, they are precision tools that show who is winning any given price war.

Now here's the thing:

Interpret these indicators correctly, and you can place yourself in the 'profit pocket' of a price action.

It's just like a cycle race.

Essentially, you're...

‘Cheating the Market’

When it comes to large cap stocks, most analysts focus on things like earnings statements, balance sheets or rumours of insider buying.

And for investors, this is a good tactic.

But trading is a different ballgame. It requires a different set of tools... Indeed, a whole new way of thinking.

I focus on the technical data used to generate trading signals.

Here the focus is on what other investors are buying and selling... And on how to position yourself to profit from their actions.

If you understand and anticipate a price action... You can decide when to wait (hold) and when you have to attack (ride the stock price as it goes up).

Professional cyclists call it ‘cheating the wind’. I call it ‘cheating the market’.

See, today more and more investors are warming to the fact that psychology moves markets... That a trader's mind set - combined with the right technical tools - can actually produce great profits from blue chip stocks.

It was this premise that got me thinking at the beginning of the year...

What if - in these perilous, unpredictable times - you threw mainstream thinking out the window?

What if you ignored the newspapers, analysts and economists and read only what I call ‘the language of the market’ - the numbers that show how, not why, stocks are moving?

What if you followed the charts, and ONLY the charts?

From there, I set about developing a system that monitors price action and investor sentiment readings - employing trend lines and other powerful technical indicators - to turn crisis into opportunity and volatility into profit.

The service then launched to the public in October 2012. What I call my STORM trading strategy.

So let me show you how it works... The kind of results I’m getting... And reveal how you can use this technique to create small cap-sized gains from large cap stocks...

Lets go back in time so you can understand it better...

A tale of two investors

Let's return to the two similar investors I told you about earlier.

We'll assume their brokers told them to buy DRD Gold in Late January 2012 for R5.10.

This was a sound investment that performed well over the year. But it was no quiet ride from R5.10 to R6.90.

The first investor, however, is steadfastly ‘long’ on DRD.

He loves the stock and doesn't plan on selling for years, whatever the changes in the market.

The second guy also likes DRD long-term. But he decides to take advantage of 'slipstream' moves like the ones identified by my STORM strategy to maximize his returns.

In other words:

He wants to profit from the ups and downs of the DRD stock.

There are three big benefits to this strategy...

•    He can see when a 'slipstream' movement is ending and avoid buying the share just before it corrects from a high.

•    He can use the ‘slipstream end signal’ to sell and take a profit on an existing position, thereby locking in his paper gains.

•    He can use the ‘slipstream start signal’ to BUY BACK into the share (or enter for the first time) profiting from the next rally.

Avoid big losses... transform paper gains to profits... Time your moves into a stock...

Let me show you how effective this can be...

Here's 'slipstreaming' in action

In January, 2012 a ‘slipstream start signal’ on DRD Gold is triggered.


In technical terms there was a clear bullish divergence which suggested a sharp and immediate breakout. In laymen's terms, it simply meant an upward movement in price was about to happen. (I'll show you the technical indicators we use to detect these movements in advance shortly.)

This signal was triggered the week the stock traded between R5.06 and R5.14.

How do our two investors react?

The 'buy-and-holder' buys R10,000 worth of DRD shares at R5.10.

My ‘slipstream’ trader system, seeing the move is about to start, buys DRD at R5.10. But he buys the shares using a simple tool called a Contract for Difference or ‘CFD’. This tool allows him to buy a lot more shares than he otherwise would be able to.  He buys R10,000 worth of DRD Gold CFDs.

Now let’s fast forward to the 13 February 2012, when a ‘slipstream stop signal’ on DRD Gold was then triggered.

The ‘buy-and-holder’ sits tight and doesn’t do anything with his shares.

But a ‘slipstream’ trader follows the signal and sells his DRD holdings at R5.55. In this trade, using the CFD tool, he banks R7,500 profit on the R10,000 he invested.

That’s a 75% gain in just 18 days!

Now let's jump to April 2012, when another slipstream start signal was triggered. A rally was on the cards. I'll show you how to read these signals later. But for now, let's see where our two investors are...

The 'buy-and-holder' still owns the stock.

He's done nothing at all since January 2012.

The ‘slipstream’ trader - having previously sold his shares for a profit - now buys back the DRD shares. Again he uses the CFD tool to get access to more shares than his R10,000 normally would.

He joins the move which takes their price from R5.45 to the price of R5.68 by early June.

In June, the second investor once again follows a slipstream stop signal and sold his DRD Gold holding.

The result?

75% and then another 32.86%
owning the same stock

Remember, both investors got into DRD in January 2012 at R5.10.

The buy-and-hold investor currently has an unrealized gain of 11.37%.

He's up 58c per share (using the share price of R5.68 minus the entry price of R5.10).

That's a good gain for just five months in the market.

But the second investor already took profits.

He’s bought and sold the DRD Gold shares twice already when the slipstream signals told him to.

He's now up 107.86% after his two trades in DRD.

Again, let’s skip forward to November 2012.

This time, there is a ‘slipstream stop signal’.

Our buy-and-holder continues to sit tight with his DRD shares.

But the ‘slipstream’ trader uses this opportunity to profit as the DRD shares move down in price. He sells DRD Gold shares using the CFD tool – even though he doesn’t actually hold any shares to sell.

This is called a ‘short’ position. This might sound confusing but it’s one of the benefits of using the CFD tool to trade.

So he sells DRD Gold shares at R6.88 by selling a R10,000 position with the SSF tool.

Then, just 20 days later our trader gets another ‘slipstream start signal’, and he buys back the shares he sold, using the CFD tool.

When he buys the shares back though, the DRD Gold shares are trading at R6.65. That’s 23c less than the price he sold the shares for. And that means he again makes a 32.86% gain on his R10,000 – all thanks to the special SSF tool.

At the end of the year, my Red Hot STORM trader has bought and sold the DRD Gold shares three times. Our buy-and-hold trader has only bought the share once.

So how have they done over the course of the year?

Which strategy was more profitable?

Well, at the end of the year DRD Gold shares are trading at R6.90.

Investor one hasn't done poorly. He's sitting on an unrealized gain of 35.29%. Had he started with R10,000 in DRD, he'd now have R13,529 - a gain of R3,529.

Not bad on a R10,000 investment.

What about the second investor?

No longer holding the stock - but
with R24K in the bank!

He's the one who acted on 'slipstream' moves in 2012 of the underlying price and obeyed the signals, when Red Hot Storm Trader launched.

He bought at R5.10 and, using the CFD tool, realized a gross profit of 75% on the first trade. On a R10,000 investment, he has a profit of R7,500.

He's got more than eighteen grand in his pocket while his counterpart has nearly R11K still tied up with the stock.

But there's more.

Just as a new 'slipstream' move formed, investor two bought DRD again at R5.45.

This time he made 32.86% on his R10,000 trade. That’s another R3,286 profit.

And finally, he had a third trade for the year where he made another 32.86% on a R10,000 trade.

So he has R7,500 gain – Plus a second gain of R3,286 and a third gain of R3,286.

That leaves our trader sitting on a great gain of R14,072.

After his three trades he’s sitting with R24,072 in the in the bank!

In summary:

•    Both investors traded the DRD Gold stock.

•    But compared to investor one, investor two has just over R14,000 in profits PLUS his original R10,000 investment.

•    All up, he's up 140.72% from his original stake – nearly FOUR TIMES investor one! And all of that money is in the bank and no longer at risk (or perhaps he used it to make a buy into another stock, make a down payment on a new investment property, or took a trip to Bali for some sun and cocktails!)

Sure, the first investor is doing fine with a 35.29% gain.

But he's taken no profits yet.

He's made a paper gain, but doesn't have a lot to show for his risk-taking.

Of course if you're investor number two and you're sitting on the beach in Bali recounting your strategy, you'll realise that taxes and trading costs eat into your profit. And of course there is always the risk that the signals are wrong, and you make a mistake. You will not always win money. And you sure are to lose on a trade from time to time.

But you have to ask yourself: isn't the upside worth it?

And the upside potential for an active trader - compared to the inactive one - is this:

R10,000 into R13,529
    R10,000 into R27,072

Isn't that difference worth investigating?

And maybe applying to every stock you decide to trade?

This is the immensely powerful idea behind my new trading system. I call it Red Hot STORM Trader.

Whether you're a green-around-the-gills investment novice...

A stock investor who'd like to gain more control over your overall returns...

Or a chart enthusiast wanting to add a new string to your bow...

...This is your chance to capitalize on the volatility you see coursing through the market right now.

Now lets come back to today...

How to make 'slipstream' gains
from mainstream stocks

JSE stocks are usually companies that have traded for a long time and have a history of returning solid profits - steady capital gains and, often, regular dividends.

The majority - but not all - of investors buy these kinds of companies and forget about them.

If that's you, your returns are suffering for it.

What I've realised through the course of four year's research is that there is much more money to be made from Remgro, SAB Miller and Mr Price than you might realise...

For the rest of this letter, I'll show you how to squeeze large caps stocks for returns that would make even an aggressive speculator go green with envy.

You'll see how using my STORM Strategy to identify 'slipstream' moves in large stocks could more than double your overall returns.

I'll introduce you to a simple email alert service that will tell you when these 'slipstream' moves are forming, and how to profit from them.

And, if you're interested, I'll also 'lift the bonnet' on the technical method that reveals these moves.

Look, the goal here is not to turn you into a proficient analyst in your own right (although that would be a happy by-product!).

You don't need to be able to tell your 'Relative Strength Index' from your 'moving average convergence divergence' - the system we've devised will take care of that. You don't even need to have any experience as a trader.

What you do need is a willingness to take a more active trading approach to large cap investing.

Once you see just how powerful this kind of trading can be, I'm absolutely positive you'll never look at blue chip stocks in quite the same way again!

Turn your core portfolio
into a cash machine

Any professional technical analyst will tell you that timing stock moves depends on identifying 'chartist inflection points'.

Don't worry, I won't send you to sleep with the details.

But you can consider inflection points your invitation to join the 'slipstream'.

They appear through technical formations such as ‘trend completions’, ‘overbought/oversold configurations’, and ‘support and resistance levels’.

You see, technical indicators remove the cloudy, bias-driven assumptions from your analysis and focus on the one thing that moves markets: investor psychology.

That's VITALLY important when investor emotions are high and nerves are frayed.

But I won't fool you.

Identifying these formations is not easy.

Erasing emotions during the investment/trading process is vital.

To do this, the best answer is to track the charts, and only that.

Order Now!

See, the information necessary to identify winning trades is already contained and available in the price action of the market. A share's current price reflects everything: the data, the fundamentals, the expectations, the emotions, the risk appetite.

In fact, an experienced technical analyst would make this claim: everything you need to know about a share you can find in its price and in its chart.

This is why trading in the 'slipstream' is so important.

If you know what to look for in both the price and volume actions you can ‘launch’ your market attacks at the right moment.

But is it really that easy?

For you, it could be...

I developed my trading technique in-house using my own STORM trading strategy.

In short, my Red Hot STORM Trader Strategy consists of five steps:

1. Screen – I screen just 30 shares with advanced software to find buy and sell signals

2. Trend – I then identify the trend of the stock and match that to the buy/sell signal

3. Optimal Price Levels – Optimal price levels pinpoint the likely direction of a stock’s motion. I get these levels through a combination of traditional fundamental valuation and support and resistance lines.

4. Risk Management – I then use a series of formulas to figure out the best price to get out of the play be it at a gain or loss – no emotion involved.

5. Motion – I look at the stock’s motion, how strongly it’s going in a direction and whether there’s an even on the horizon that could strengthen its movement – or make it sing around and change direction – in other words, when to get in and out of the ‘slipstream’!

It would take a month to fill you in completely.

(In any case, you don't need to know any of this to profit from the recommendations the system is designed to uncover.)

What you DO need to know is this: once I was sure I'd built a ‘black box’ system that could be used effectively on JSE stocks, Red Hot STORM Trader went public with this strategy in October 2012.

Feedback was so positive I decided to green-light my Red Hot STORM Trader system for launch.

(You can see some of this feedback in the box to the right. And below, although it's early days, I'll show you how the system has fared to date.)

Simply put: I’m now certain my technical STORM trading system of mathematically predicting 'slipstream' moves in South Africa’s largest stocks could significantly increase your returns in the year ahead.

I've incorporated this method into an easy to follow email and SMS alert service. It's very simple: you'll receive trading signals via email and SMS as soon as they're generated, and you can choose whether or not you act on them.

Order Now!

There's evidence you could AT LEAST DOUBLE the return you get from large-cap stocks.

Small cap gains from large cap stocks.

That would be something pretty special, right?

Are you starting to see the potential here?

Look, as any trader will tell you, you can 'back-test' your methods in past markets and come up with any results you want.

What I'm trying to illustrate with these examples is:

How I plan to use this tactic to attack the JSE index through this year and next. And,
How detecting and acting on the 'slipstream' moves in large cap stocks predicted by my STORM strategy for the rest of this year and next could - literally - double, maybe even triple the overall returns you achieve.

For what it's worth, in the last 4 months we've made gains of 60.40% 53.85% and 27.73%.

Things have just begun and the service is designed to work over weeks and months, not days.

So far the average holding period is just under two weeks. This is faster than we anticipated. But you get that in a volatile market.

The true test will be in the coming twelve months. And we're certain there will be plenty of chances to prove whether or not you really can make triple digit gains this way.

If you want to wait until then to see how we've done, that's fine. I can respect that.

But if you want in on the action now - I urge you to read the rest of this letter.

Because here's the REAL advantage to joining this new service...

We're entering a market tailor-made for 'slipstream' trading

As we entered the last half of the year the markets got the jitters, and we do not know what the future holds for our investors.

Could we see another cataclysmic collapse?

Maybe. Certainly private investors remain cautious.

But someone has been pushing up stock prices... Be it retail traders, hedge funds or institutional speculators. The JSE All Share is again marching towards 60,000.

But just as the pros jump like lemmings into equities... They could all scramble out fast. Give them a fright... And this rally is over and volatility is back to record levels.

So what should you do?

My best answer - if you want to add a massive power punch to your portfolio - is to trade in the 'slipstream' of big price moves in this volatile market.

You can do this by simply receiving our Red Hot STORM Trade Alerts via email and SMS, as soon as a signal is generated.

I don't think there's been a better time in market history to have launched a service like Red Hot STORM Trader.

And the great thing about this type of trading, as I said earlier, is it makes you money in three different ways...

By using the ‘slipstream end’ signal to avoid buying a stock that's about to correct...

By TURNING PAPER GAINS INTO REAL ONES on a stock you still intend to own for a long time...

And by BUYING a stock when a new 'slipstream' move starts - putting yourself into position to profit from the next rally...

To show you just how much more money you can make using this technique, here are two more quick examples...

Buy and make a 60.40% gain

Right now, my strategy is producing all sorts of warning signals.

Of course, this is not necessarily bad news... If you can predict price rises in stocks you own before they occur.

There are two benefits to predicting a price rise in a JSE stock...

Most important, if you're a more aggressive investor, you can use this advance knowledge to 'long' the stock and profit when it rises.

Going 'long' is where you buy the stock first, and sell it later. If the price rises, you profit, because your selling price is more than your buying price.

Should you join Red Hot STORM Trader today, I'll include a complimentary report that explains - in plain English - how to do this.

But even if you put going 'long' to one side, knowing when an upwards move is imminent can be very useful.

Take this example:

How I used my strategy to make 60.40% in 5 days

On the 11th of September 2014 I noticed SAB Miller's share price was trading for less than it was worth in comparison with the rest of the sector.
Five days later the share rose from R607.30 to R644.08.

The Result:

A big gain of 60.40% if you used my 'long' technique.

So you would've banked a profit when my STORM strategy triggered a ‘slipstream’ exit point on the 15th of September 2014.

But that’s not the end of your profits.

Ask yourself, are these the types of gains you’d like to have

Another mammoth 53.85% gain

If you'd like a piece of the action above then I have three words for you: follow the ‘slipstream’

Let me show you another example of how this works:

Let’s assume you were a Red Hot STORM Trader member on the 28th October 2014.

A ‘slipstream’ buy signal would have been triggered on the 28th of October by my STORM strategy.

I would have shot you an e-mail instructing you to go long (buy) Remgro REM CFDs at R239.24.

So when the share price rose you would have banked a mammoth 53.85% profit when my STORM strategy triggered a ‘slipstream’ exit point on the 4th November 2014, just EIGHT days later!

Order Now!

Double and even triple digit gains - from JSE stocks

If you're interested in the 'story' behind the stock, you won't get it here.

Don't get me wrong, fundamentals like debt, earnings, cash and price-to-book ratio, news, buyout rumours, third quarter results... They have their place.

But not in trading.

Most of this ‘noise’ is indecipherable to the so-called professionals, let alone the average investor.

What little information that is useful has already been factored into the price of a stock. That's just how the market works.

What I'm interested in - riveted by - is the intense struggle going on between buyers and sellers in the stock market each day...

This is where 'slipstream' moves form

If, like me, you think that a tool that helps you massively ramp up your returns - on large cap stocks - is something worth adding to your investment playbook, here's how our new service will work...

Membership, you'll be pleased to hear, demands very little on your part.

When my STORM strategy identifies a 'slipstream' move is identified, you'll receive a simple email and SMS.

They will be brief. As I've said, fundamental analysis has no part in this strategy. Instead,

Your STORM Alert will contain
the following 3 critical elements:

A short explanation of the share / opportunity I’ve identified

A very brief summation of how data was interpreted and why a decision was made to enter the trade. (Technical buffs and those who wish to learn more about chart analysis will appreciate this part.)

Action to take, including the four critical pieces of information for every trade: a buy price, amount of money you'll put in per CFD, a target price and a stop loss.

Hardly rocket science, right?

Order Now!

It's up to you whether you incorporate the trades in your portfolio.

From there, all I ask is that you check your emails and your phone at least once a day of the working week. That way you'll know if any trades are closed out, and hear about any new trades as they arise.

Remember: these are the most liquid stocks on the market.

I'm confident you will be able to execute 99% of the trades we send you without seeing the stock skyrocket or plummet before you can send instructions to your broker.

Of course if something changes, we'll email & SMS you directly about the change, and what to do about it.

In a nutshell, I believe we will be able to generate regular trading ideas for you (long and short).

These will be JSE stocks that trade thousands of shares every day.

And, yet, the gains on the table here are double and triple digit...

And all of this will be undertaken with clearly defined risk control measures explained in each alert.

If you're interested in ramping up your large cap gains - without having to resort to leveraged investment tools - you should take advantage of the 90-day trial period and test this for yourself.

You're probably wondering...

What kind of returns can you expect?

Our mission is to provide you with a disciplined market timing service that will significantly outperform the returns of typical ‘buy-and-hold’ investors of the JSE universe.

This service will be MARKET NEUTRAL. It doesn't matter if stocks plunge or skyrocket over the next few months. We plan to make you money regardless.

Trade duration can go from several days to a few months.

Our goal is to add at least 20% higher returns to the ‘normal’ performance of your underlying stocks.

We don't know where the JSE All Share index or each of the index component shares will stand five years ahead, no one can tell you that.

However if the feedback from our subscribers is any indication, I believe we can definitely deliver returns much higher returns than a traditional ‘buy-and- hold’ approach.

And that's whether the market is up or down.

If you want to wait a year to see how our track record develops, that's fine.

But if you're curious - and keen on exploiting CURRENT volatility to make small-cap-sized from larger stocks - then let me extend to you:

An open invitation

You often see people in the stock advisory game claiming that enrolment is 'strictly limited'.

Sometimes there is a genuine reason to put a cap on membership - like if you're trading small, illiquid, extremely sensitive equities. If large numbers pile in all at once the share price can shoot up and some members miss the buy price. A limit makes sense.

In most cases, though, when you see a limit, it's usually just an imaginary number used to hurry you up.

There is no member limit to Red Hot STORM Trader.

I don't need to ‘hurry you up’.

If this service isn't for you, I would prefer you didn't subscribe.

Fact is we don't need to put a cap on membership.

As I've said, we're targeting the JSE listed companies in South Africa. You could have 500, 1,000 or even 5,000 fellow members receive STORM Alert’s and this would still have little or no impact on the stock price in question.

Order Now!

But I don't think we'll get near that kind of interest.

There are two reasons for this...

Firstly, as I've mentioned, this is not for everyone. I'd prefer only a certain type of investor, to be honest. And if that's not you, that's fine.

Opportunistic speculators and 'risk addicts' looking for 200%+ gains will be disappointed.

'Buy-and-holders' who fall in love with their stocks will be uncomfortable taking profits when a target price is reached.

This is for investors who are looking to optimise the returns they get on the large cap stocks they already own, or would like to own.

The second reason I don't expect massive interest is the price of this service.

As you'll see, the dues we're asking for are incredibly reasonable compared to almost every other form of investment advice out there.

But these are tough times. I realise not everyone has spare cash available, even if you could make it back and then some from your very first STORM trade.


No one in South Africa
is offering this kind of service

There are stock research houses that issue weekly reports containing ‘recommendations across the industrial sector and also select financial stocks’ and ‘regular market and macroeconomic commentary’ as well as weekly ‘trading reports’.

You'll pay between R7,000 and R10,000 per year for this analysis. And yet you'd probably gain just as much valuable information from a good read of the Financial Mail.

You won’t get technically-driven buy and sell signals.

Brokers charge annual 'management' fees of 1%-5% of the value of your assets held with them. Again, you don't get specific, time-sensitive trading tips.

You have ZERO control over where your money is and where it's going.


What I'm proposing is
nothing like the above

There's no 'macro-economic' or sector analysis... No biased advice, hidden agenda or extortionate commission... YOU have complete control over whether you trade or not. And we don't make a single cent in commission on the trades recommended.

What you're getting are simple buy and sell tips generated by an experienced technical analyst using a mathematically precise trade generating methodology.

But, really, why should you bother with this?

Wouldn't it just be a lot less hassle to stay invested in the stocks you like and let the market do the work?

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Any trader or trading system that promises precise results is not being straight with you.

I don't have a crystal ball, but I CAN tell you - from my professional trading experience - what my realistic aim is for Red Hot STORM Trader...

Red Hot STORM Trader Mission statement:

By following my STORM trades over a five year period, I believe you'll outperform the JSE All Share index on average by a MINIMUM of 20%.

That is a highly conservative estimate.

But what I'll be REALLY looking for are the 'outliers' – trades like the DRD Gold example you saw earlier... where you more than DOUBLE the money you would have made by just hanging onto the same stock.

Remember, this trading system is ‘market neutral’. There is no bullish or bearish bias. It can perform whatever the conditions.

So you can expect to come out 20% ahead of the index - AT LEAST - with some triple-digit 'zingers' thrown in the mix.

With that in mind...

What will membership cost?

Membership of Red Hot STORM Trader costs R3,700.

I believe my buy and sell tips will be worth every penny (and probably a whole lot more).

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You've seen how trading using this tactic could more than double the returns of another investor who owns the same stock... and the wealth-building power of applying this technique to your WHOLE large cap portfolio.

If you cannot comfortably afford to pay this membership fee, then you probably shouldn't be trading stocks, full-stop.

In any case:

Red Hot STORM Trader's success will depend on YOUR success. If the analysis makes you money you'll continue to subscribe. If not, you won't.

Your membership is 100% refundable

Because of the short-term nature of the trades, I want to give you plenty of time to evaluate the service and to make sure it's right for you.

For this reason, you'll have 90 days to test-run Red Hot STORM Trader.

This should give you enough breathing space to watch the trades evolve. If for whatever reason you want to cancel your subscription in the first 90 days, just let me know.

Your money will be refunded promptly and in full (no ‘10% refund fee’ like the one I saw recently for an American options trading service).

That is a pretty fair offer.

But be clear:

If you're in, I want you to seriously give this a go.

You don't have to invest real money - you can paper trade for as long as you like.

What I mean is I don't want ‘tyre-kickers’ - the folks who sign up without any intention of paying.

This costs us a small fortune in overhead expenses. And, frankly, it's not very nice.

The deal is simple: if the service doesn't deliver as promised, within three months, ask for a refund.

I would.

But 90-day 'free-riders' needn't apply.

So what's it going to be?

If you've read this far my guess is you'd like to test Red Hot STORM Trader out.

You can do that for the next 90-days, risk free.

If you like what you've read, you should accept this invitation now - before the price goes up.

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If you do, here is what you'll receive:

FREE Report: Red Hot STORM Trader's Secrets of Successful Trading

In this fascinating online guide, you’ll discover what short-term trading involves, the best way to go about it and how to impose a stop loss so you don’t expose myself to unnecessary risk. You’ll also read tips on short-term trading from top traders in the global market and learn about:

•    The five golden rules to successful trading

•    How to find the winning trades and make big money

•    How to make money when the market is going DOWN

•    How to use the power of leverage to your advantage and much, much more.

FREE SMS Service - This free SMS will alert you of new trades and changes to our positions right away! So you don’t miss a thing.

FREE Members - Only Weekly Email Alerts - Email sent directly to your inbox telling you exactly when you should buy and sell every stock we recommend.

FREE Access To Bi-Annual Members - Only Trading Webinars - At these on-line seminars, I’ll not only get to meet Timon, I’ll also discover insider strategies that can help me home my skills, brush up my skills and get my trading questions answered by the experts.

FREE Subscription to daily Trading Tips bulletins - This fast paced e-letter brings you the opportunity to learn what the market influences are and how to use them to always make a profit, get insider ‘pro’ tips and tricks that’ll take you from novice to expert trader in next to no time, and discover the real life trading experiences of the best and worst traders around so you can avoid losses and start making consistent profits.

The decision is yours.

The STORM alerts will allow you to nip in and out of your favourite stocks, and bank regular gains...

...without losing any ground on your long position!

If you'd like to watch your large cap returns explode over the next 12 months, now is the time to light the fuse.

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To receive my Red Hot STORM Trader email and
     SMS alerts on a risk-free, 90-day trial basis, click here.

Kind regards,

Timon Rossolimos
Editor, Red Hot STORM Trader

     P.S. Over the last four months we've made gains of 60.40%, 53.85% and 22.73%!

More specifically, they were a 60.40% gain in 8 days on Remgro (REM), a 53.85% gain in 5 days on SAB Miller, and a 22.73% gain in 14 days again on Mr Price.         

The last point I'll make is that there will be losses, but they're small, and that's the idea. I calculate exactly how much of your capital is going to be at risk in each trade. Sticking to your stop losses is absolutely crucial to your overall performance over time.

That's the whole point of being market neutral and watching the indicators. You don't have to have an opinion. You just watch the charts and make the trades that look the best. Sometimes they're long. Sometimes they're short. Sometimes they're both.

If you do subscribe and fail to observe those stop-loss levels, don't say we didn't warn you! The strict risk control is one of the main benefits of my style of trading.

The main benefit, though, will be making big gains!

Secure Order Form

Red Hot STORM Trader Secure Order Form

Yes! Sign me up for Red Hot STORM Trader for just R925 per quarter (that’s just R3,700 per year) so I can dip in and out of the market to capture lightning-fast profits in four weeks or less, no matter which way the market is moving.

Please rush me my first urgent trade alert bulletin and my FREE e-book, Red Hot STORM Trader: The Secrets of Successful Trading, so I can start profiting from Timon Rossolimos’s top trading tips without delay.

Along with my urgent bulletin, when I sign up I’ll receive:

FREE SMS Service - This free SMS will alert you of new trades and changes to our positions right away! So you don’t miss a thing.

FREE Members-Only Weekly Email Alerts - Email sent directly to your inbox telling you exactly when you should buy and sell every stock we recommend.

FREE Access To Members-Only Trading Webinars - At these on-line seminars, I’ll not only get to meet Timon, I’ll also discover insider strategies that can help me home my skills, brush up my skills and get my trading questions answered by the experts.

FREE Subscription to daily Trading Tips bulletins This fast paced e-letter brings me the opportunity to learn what the market influences are and how to use them to always make a profit, get insider ‘pro’ tips and tricks that’ll take me from novice to expert trader in next to no time, and discover the real life trading experiences of the best and worst traders around so I can avoid losses and start making consistent profits.

I understand I can try Red Hot STORM Trader for three months without risking a cent. If I’m not 100% satisfied with my subscription to Red Hot STORM Trader I can cancel within the first three months and get my subscription fee back – this is my 100% money-back guarantee. Everything sent to me within this time is mine to keep.

To get started right now, simply complete the following secure form... or, if you’d rather order by phone, or if you have ANY questions, please feel free to call one of our customer care representatives at 0861 114 365. If the line is busy, I apologise… and urge you to call back.

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